Allegedly, we actually got a response from terrance Howard in video form. I’ll play it today at 230 pm pst. Gonna be a half hour later than the scheduled time. Possibly 3. Realized my chickens and cows are both out of food and the grass isn’t quite long enough to let them graze.

Livestream tomorrow 2 pm pst any more interesting facts about Terrance Howard? Terrance week may be Terrance two days if this is it. I may have to finish off Terrance Howard week w some more boomer material

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People say I’m “racist” for mocking Terrance Howard. But in reality it’s way more humane to keep him to the same standard I do all adult men.
Pretending a black guy is a genius for saying 1×1=2 is way way more condescending and cruel. He’s not an animal he’s just black. Hold him

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For those of you worried about witnessing rectal trauma, this is fake it’s a bit. Nothing actually goes in their ass. I don’t like pain and trauma comedy so this one works because no assholes were actually injured

My first episode on http://censored.tv promo code Shapiro for 20% off, I face the one man I’ve ignored for years. Myself…
Talking to yourself from ten years ago has always just been theoretical until today. What would you say to yourself if you could?

@OwenBenjamin @AsianPatDixon Dude you’re interview with OB is amazing great job banana boy 😅😂🤣

the part at the end when he tells drinking story about quitting is amazing. Your point about hurting the kid’s parents when your the parent perfect… you should clip that part and post it. Could change a life.

Yeah by far some of my biggest haters who call me a fraud and a liar just failed at what I suggested and felt like I tricked them. Cuz they didn’t water their plants.
Tons of bears are still crushing and it’s inspiring.
But one reason I’m trying to focus more on just being funny

Believe it or not that’s always my goal. In group humor that makes the group im making fun of laugh. The ones that are angry are usually the ones everyone thinks sucks
Solid stream today about the black math of Terrance Howard


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