The World's Most Banned Comedian

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Owen has been crushing since before the days of canceling culture. Rather than folding to the propaganda machine he has disrupted the industry by creating his own specials, documentaries, media and businesses as well as growing a massive following of loving intelligent people.

Owen Benjamin Produces His Latest Documentary "Building Beartaria Part Three: The Ozark Legacy."



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Owen Benjamin teams up with Vox Day for a legendary streaming service. Feed The Bear and get access to all of Owen's streams.

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Owen Benjamin Creates a Platform to showcase his suporters animation, music and more.

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Community News and Social Media

Family Friendly

Owen Benjamin is The Founder of The Beartaria Times - Community News site and Family Friendly Social Media.

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From Humble Beginnings

The Story of The Most Accomplished Comedian

Owen comes from an old New York town that faced many challenges and hardships. His humble beginnings gave him hardened scar tissue and the wisdom of growing out of darkness...

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Owen is often changing his streaming location and social platforms due to discrimination and being a thorn in those trying to control the information landscape