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Owen Benjamin Comedy Specials

Owen has been black listed by all the clubs that support child sex changes and think black people are not intelligent enough to hear certain words.

You're Doing Great, Kid
(Full HD Special)

Owen Benjamin's last comedy special was filmed inside an airplane hanger in Mansfield, Ohio because when cancel culture blackballs you from the clubs, you improvise, adapt, & overcome. Plus, military guards & barbed wire are WAY better than bouncers & velvet ropes anyway.

Conspiracy Queries
(Full HD Special)

In December 2018, Owen Benjamin toured the American southwest to joke about topics rarely addressed in standup. From the Denver Airport's satanic horse 'Blucifer' to faking the moon landing, there's nothing off limits. Filmed on the last night of the tour in Las Vegas, Nevada, Owen Benjamin adds another hilarious set to his catalog of independently written & produced standup specials.

How Dare Me
(Full HD Special)

Hollywood is no place to raise kids, so Owen Benjamin moved to Saranac Lake, New York for a small town vibe near family. The local townsfolk, along side a sleuth of Bears from all over the world, came out on a cold night in February 2018 to support the Big Bear. In this, his second independently produced stand up special, Owen crushes it.