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About Owen

The Wild Journey of Owen Benjamin

From Upstate New York to Hollywood to the country of Idaho, Owen Benjamin has been on quite the journey.
Known as many names including the 'Big Bear' and 'Bard King of Beartaria', Owen leads a inspiring life of truth and adventure.

From a small town with big dreams

Owen Benjamin was born Owen Smith to John Kares Smith and Jean Troy-Smith, both professors at State University of New York at Oswego. He attended college at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh where he started performing standup comedy and also got his start in television at the student run station Plattsburgh State Television.

Making a name among the famous

After studying internationally to obtain a degree in tyranical government takeovers, with a special focus in the holocaust, Owen went to Hollywood where he grew a thriving career making a name for himself as an established comedian and actor. 

Stubborn for truth and Comedy

Owen Benjamin became known for never pulling punches on social media, exposing the industry for being a tool of social conditioning and shameless hypocrisy. Never letting social status or money get in the way of what needed to be said (and what many people quietly agreed with), Owen prioritized truth and comedy above all. 

Defending Children

Owen was one of the only established comedians to speak out against agendas to normalize child abuse with hormone altering drugs and sexual exploitation. Fighting this agenda publicly resulted in his exile from Hollywood.

Banned From Services

Owen Benjamin doubled down on truth and refused to compromise or take the path of manipulative money & accolades (also called “lollipops & fancy pants”). As a result, his audience grew rapidly and his live streams began pulling more views than main stream news outlets, rolling out hours of hilarious content daily. Having this level of reach and influence without giving into the manipulations to push agendas or avoid topics made Owen a major target for deplatforming from various services involved in the attempted social conditioning of the public. 


As Owen Benjamin sought to find solutions in an atmosphere that hyper-focused only on problems, he found that taking responsibility, being self sustainable, and self reliant as the right path forward. As a result, he became one of the biggest advocates for people homesteading and growing their own food wherever they are, even if it starts with a seed on a city balcony. 

Building Alternatives

Owen Benjamin began to thoroughly understand the criminal nature and mechanisms used to actively discriminate and slander both him and his audience. By not bending to the social agendas of the perverted and destructive news media, his path forward was to build his own platforms and services where he can be free to speak his mind and connect with others who want to be a part of the good, the true and the beautiful.